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Things to consider the week before recording


When deciding on what drum sound to go for it is important to choose the right skins for

the job.

A clear skin, single ply will give you a fair amount of attack and a long sustained note.A

clear front and back kick drum skin will give you that metal style slap.

A coated two ply skin will have less slap attack and give you a more rounded drum

sound.A Coated front and back kick drum skin will get you that meaty thud.

Also a good plan to bring a spare set of sticks


Back beater side - Remo coated Powersonic bass.Front sound hole side - Remo coated

Powerstroke 3 Black suede.


Remo coated Emperor


Remo,coated Powerstroke 4


Always a good idea to stock up on a few spare packets of strings and 9 volt batteries if you

use pedals.

If your thinking of hiring amps then make sure you try them out a day before the recording

session just to double check there working and well maintained.


Always a good idea to restring and break the new strings in a day before hitting the studio.

New strings will give you back that presence to help you cut through in the mix.

Boiling your strings may bring back some some brightness but never the glory that a new

set will.

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